10 Jan 2020 18:24:45

Simple; this is a really good film. A comic book film, and yet so different unlike any other comic book films. Don't expect huge action scenes or lavish-looking visual effects. It's drama, great, extremely dark, and disturbing performance from Pheonix, and it ended well as a foundation for a new batman film or franchise - if they are ever thinking about connecting this Joker film with any future Batman films, which I think they should! Or at least I hope they are considering making a sequel.

1.) 15 Jan 2020
15 Jan 2020 08:42:45
Easily my fave film, saw it at the cinema and I could not believe how involved I got with it, I really felt for Arthur and was so glad when he became "Joker"

Phoenix is amazing and although I would like a sequel it should not involve Batman as such, more of Joker and his criminal mind.

You get what you f**king deserve !!!!