29 Mar 2022 08:51:51
I just came back from cinema watching The Batman.

Indeed like everyone is saying, this feels so different compared to previous Batman films, Nolan's films included.

I thought after the end of Nolan's trilogy, it would be difficult to make another. This new take and new direction for a Batman film, wow, it feels so fresh.

The car chase scene, mainly the scene before the chase started, when the Batmobile's engine is winding, wow! There were a few more scenes that made me came to my wife and said to her ear "wuuuuuuu-wowwww".

This is an awesome film.

1.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 09:57:59
I just got round to watching this, did it in two sittings. The life of a parent! But this being three hours was absolutely the right choice, everything done with a purpose and they did the right thing cutting jokers scene. It just wouldn't of fit in. We have been left just enough to make us want more.

This has got so much potential to be what DC have been trying to copy for so long. They failed with the justice league, too much too soon. And their suicide squad just didn't fit in with anything else.

Batman in particular has the best set of villains imo and the riddler (what a performance by the way) was brilliant. I am excited to see where this goes, I'm just hoping they don't drop the ball.

The games have proved what can be done with the Batman centric characters and it just needs translating to the big screen. I'm praying reeves is the one to do it.

As for the film itself, it is right up there with the best Batman movies and Patterson works as the batman. (Didn't think I'd say that).

Brilliant movie and hopefully it gets the respect it deserves, but I think it won't be until the sequel that people realise how good this was. So many threads and so many characters that can be picked up on.

{Ed001's Note - I have no problem with Patterson as Batman particularly, but I thought the film was overly long and boring. It is not a patch on the Nolan trilogy.}

2.) 27 Jun 2022
27 Jun 2022 10:34:44
Maybe I watched it thinking where it can go and after this first one it has so much potential. I would definitely watch it again and I don't do that with many 3hr movies.

For me this was about setting out a stall for where he wants to take it moving forward, with a batman a bit more fragile then others. Which I think will be interesting in its self.

I think that out of all the comics that have been converted to the big screen batman has the best set of characters, they have just been criminally under utilised.

And the only one I'd re-watch out of the Nolan trilogy is the dark Knight. I'd possibly put on the other two if they were on, not sure I'd choose to watch either one from start to finish though.

{Ed001's Note - I just got bored and it took me a few times to watch it purely because I kept falling asleep.}

3.) 01 Aug 2022
31 Jul 2022 23:21:27
Actually I thought Ed01 might like it. I guess you are not.

I think you are spot on Wyred on people will appreciate it more after it gets its sequel. Reeves did it once (at least to me, not sure with others) with his two Planet of the Apes movies. The Dawn was ok, but the climax (especially the actions) was in The War. Then only I thought, The Dawn set it up nicely for the finale in The War.

By the way Ed01, its been awhile (really really awhile) since your last movie review. Been busy and caught up? You doing good?

{Ed001's Note - it has been a while since I properly watched a movie to be honest. I always end up only half watching while editing so don't watch them closely enough to write any kind of review. But yes am doing good thanks mate, I hope all is well with you?}

4.) 02 Aug 2022
02 Aug 2022 14:50:12
A bit like a rollercoaster ride for me for the past few months; jobs, relationship. But I am doing good now. I'm glad that you are as well.

{Ed001's Note - glad you are doing well mate, personally I always loved rollercoasters!}