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Team: Liverpool

Where from: Malaysia

Favourite player: Dirk Kuyt

Best team moment: Dirk Kuyt\'s chesting the boal from right edge of the box to Torres. Can\'t remember if Torres scored, but that movement from Kuyt made me started to love him as a Liv player.

Interests: Football and Call of Duty games.

Timezone: (GMT +8:00) Beijing, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong

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17 May 2020 15:17:06
The Invisible Man

A woman runs away from his abusive boyfriend, traumatized and hiding with her sister and her friend's help. Soon, she is contacted by a lawyer, and told that the boyfriend is dead. After awhile, when things are getting back together, a series of events happened that makes her believe that the boyfriend is actually still alive, and invisible of course, hence the title.

I have never watched the original. So I am not sure if the original was a sci-fi, like this one. Regardless of it being a sci-fi film, the horror part of the film really really works. I really love the camera works, I am not sure if there are any technical terms to describe it, but it works especially to add more on the horror. There are scenes that you have to watch them carefully that you might miss something is actually happening. The climax, the ending, is satisfying.

I would recommend this highly not just for horror fan films, because I believe even those who don't like horror films will enjoy this.


1.) 19 May 2020 14:27:39
Think I put something similar down the page, good movie for sure.



26 Apr 2020 07:49:27
I was bored, watched a few trailers, then watched Extraction's trailer, then downloaded the film, and just finished watching it. This is a badass action film. Nothing special with the story, but definitely great with its action. Especially the long one-shot car chase scene. Two thumbs up!


1.) 27 Apr 2020 10:47:04
Going to watch that when i'm furloughed.

2.) 14 May 2020 14:28:52
Thought it was a great film. Helmsworth was decent too.



08 Apr 2020 03:59:25
Dragged Across Concrete

Two detectives' action was leaked to the media. It was deemed as using excessive force, and thus suspended. One of them (Mel Gibson), with the pressure by his family' condition, decided that he needs to do one thing against the law to get what he think he deserves to get. He and his partner (Vince Vaughn) targetted a non local criminal for them to rob, who just came into town, and they thought that this guy is a drug dealer. They were wrong.

I actually don't know how to review this film, but I forced myself to, because I really wanted to recommend this film to you guys.

The film is unique; it was slow, but you can feel the tense. The story revolving these two detectives were quite saddening too, and when you thought that something good might come out, it actually didn't. There was this one really nice humour, and actually you can only tell that it's a humour only after awhile, not during it first came out. i'm not going to tell you what was the joke, but you really really have to watch it to know what I meant here. So this is one of the thing that actually make this film quite "painful", the build-up and its darkness, but they didn't for once make me want to change the channel but to stick with it and watch it until the end.

I am not going to touch too much on the ending, but I think you can guess that this kind of film usually comes with a really good surprise ending. It's not entirely happy ending fairy tale kind of ending, but I'm totally satisfied with it.

A really great film, a hidden gem I would say. I highly recommend this to you guys. Gibson and Vaughn in this were both awesome!


1.) 10 Apr 2020 06:59:58
You might like brawl in cell block 99 from the same director as well. His movies are more on the violent side and i had mixed feelings about the movie. Vince vaughn certainly impressed me. Dragged across concrete has been on my watchlist for a while and mel gibson should fit in well in these type of movies.

2.) 12 Apr 2020 13:15:18
Agree, brawl in cell block 99 is one of the best original films I've seen for a while.
Really want to watch dragged across concrete.



29 Mar 2020 09:04:40
Bad Boys for Life. Entertaining? Watchable. Funny? Yes. Is this any better than the first two? Not for me. The second was loud and brutal, and I was expecting it to be carried on in this third, but it didn't. Michael Bay made stupid Transformers movies, but I strangely missing his way of direction and action for this one. The chemistry between Smith and Lawrence is still strong in this one, but you can tell and feel from the plots and setpieces that they have aged and things feel slower and softer than they used to be. I'm a big fan of the Bad Boys films, but I don't think that this third movie is any better than its predecessors. I'm quite disappointed to be honest, but at least I had some fun.


1.) 29 Mar 2020 17:55:31
I liked it. Thought it was decent and left it open at the end. Will still looks bout 26 anyway lol



25 Feb 2020 22:24:50
What do you guys think about It Chapter Two? Its a bit of a mixed feeling for me. I was hoping for it to be scarier, since it's a horror movie obviously. I know the first wasn't scary as much as I hoped, just hoped it will be better for the second. However, I find Chapter Two quite entertaining when it comes to the effects, but it gave the feeling of more of a creature sci-fi film than a horror film (referring to the finale when the Losers face to fight the It). I really enjoyed the humours in it. Some nice flashbacks or scenes when it shows the young Losers, and I really like the ending. Its just that after watching it, it doesn't feel like I just watched a horror movie.


1.) 27 Feb 2020 14:21:51
I agree Haizan there's no way I would consider this a horror movie, I left the cinema with mixed feelings, mainly really annoyed as it wasn't what I expected or wanted to see but at the end of the day it was following the book, the CGI was horrible and way over the top imo which ruined the movie for me. The 1st chapter was 10 times better and even that wasn't great. 4/10

2.) 09 Mar 2020 11:08:13
I felt a bit disappointed. The Part 1 set it up perfectly, maybe the reason why i had high expectations, but chapter 2 dropped the ball of sorts




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17 May 2020 16:30:06
Taika Waititi for Star Wars? Wow. Then I might finally enjoy the next Star Wars then. He surprised me with Thor 3. Thor 1 and 2 were kind of serious, and at first I doubted him in Thor 3. But he made it so full of fun and extremely enjoying to watch. He nailed it.




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02 Dec 2019 05:35:04
Ok I get it Mort. Thanks.

What do you think about the casts part that I pointed out?




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28 Nov 2019 12:55:13
I somehow felt that the choice of actors is one of the problems as well. Nick Stahl as Connor in T3 was a bad choice, but the story was simple enough that it was still enjoyable if not great. Great actors in Salvation, but Bale was exaggerating at times, the other characters just didn't fit in, the script was bad, different story but badly directed. I have no idea how McG who made those two crap Charlie Angels movies can be given the mantel to make Salvation. Genisys with bad casting for both Sarah and Reese, even John Connor should be given to someone else, ok story, hate the twists, but the actors made it worst.

That is one of the reason I feel to compare to Jurassic Park is not really that relevant. At least Jurassic World have interesting casts, the humours fit in well and carried well by the actors, though the story is a bit "same old same old".




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12 Sep 2019 11:22:23
I also think he was good as the bad guy in Broken Arrow. Thing is, most of his other films are crap. The recent one, and I haven't watch it yet, titled Speed Kills. That's a really crap title.




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11 Sep 2019 11:11:13
Glad u both feel the same, even though I for one really like the film.

Too many reboots and remakes are going on. Most of the times they ended up making them worst and not better.


{Ed001's Note - I hate reboots and remakes, which is why I can't stand Tarantino as 'homages' are just poor copies. Though sometimes they can make a better version, 99% of them are just trash. Though Bollywood would be in trouble if reboots and remakes were banned!}




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