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05 Jun 2021 17:22:54
Watched Good Time and Uncut Gems by the Safdie brothers for the first time recently. Very impressed with both! Intense, character driven films where you manage to sympathise with not very sympathetic characters. Both similar in that the events of the films gradually snowball and the main characters end up over their head. Recommended

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05 Jun 2021 07:31:38
I enjoyed most of Saw movies. And I enjoyed Spiral too. Chris Rock is quite awesome in it. I hate the jump forwards and backwards and flashbacks though. But still, I really like this film.

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05 Jun 2021 17:00:08
Struggling for a good horror these days. The Saw films have their place but if you’ve seen one you’ve basically seen them all. For me anyway.

Watched Run last night and that was pretty decent. Very Misery-esque.

Also The Dark and The Wicked is worth a look. Nasty possession film in the same vain as the first Conjuring or Sinister

04 Jun 2021 03:40:02
Those Who Wish Me Dead. It is indeed an old-fashioned 90s action film, just like most reviews I read before watching it. Assassins chasing after some good guys, Jolie's character caught in between, and she tries to save the day. Familiar, right? I have nothing wrong with that though. I have always enjoy this kind of films back then. And I still ended up enjoy watching this as well. But I have to say, I really hate the ending.

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31 May 2021 02:55:29
Wrath of Man. It's basically a revenge movie, a really cool revenge action movie. I am not going to write much but I highly recommend this to you guys. One of the many things I like about this movie is, how until the very end, I still couldn't figure out what Statham's character's background actually is or was (ex-spec ops for Equalizer and Taken, ex-assassin for John Wick, etc). Watch it guys. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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27 May 2021 14:45:39
I am not sure how to rate Army of the Dead. Is it a crap film? Not entirely. Is it entertaining? Maybe some part of it. Is it a good zombie movie? Definitely not. Overlong? Hell, yes. Enough gores? Yeah. Enough action? Meh. Good story? Predictable.

Maybe it is just an OK movie to watch to kill some time.

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02 Jun 2021 18:49:26
I like it. I'm a big batista fan anyway but overall it was decent mate

04 Jun 2021 03:41:39
I am fan too mate. But something just not satisfying enough for me after watching it.

05 Jun 2021 16:50:20
Thought it was dreadful 😂 The plot made no sense, the characters were idiots, so many cliches and criminally there were no scares for a horror. Mess of a film

11 May 2021 00:27:38
Before watching Without Remorse, I was quite excited because I am a fan of Michael B. Jordan.

Totally disappointed. Its quite a bad film. Such a waste.

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06 May 2021 12:36:51
I resumed watching another half an hour of Snyder's Cut. I think I am not going to finish it.

{Ed001's Note - it is not worth the effort.}

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05 Jun 2021 17:09:19
Did you finish mate?

11 Jun 2021 05:01:35
Haven't, and I'm not going to.

11 Jun 2021 11:58:48
Yeah I wasn't blown away. Over inflated CGI fest



05 May 2021 23:57:18
My top 5
Man from nowhere
I saw the devil

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04 May 2021 20:07:13
Why are most modern movies all good concepts that are poorly executed?

I've just got done watching The Circle and it feels like I've only watched half a movie. I mean it's an ok movie but it feels like the budget randomly got slashed and half the scenes were removed to save money, which they spent the majority of it on Tom Hanks, Emma Watson and the clone guy from the new Star Wars movies.

Certain characters make quite a big introduction for themselves and then are never seen again, one character starts going on like there is some kind of evil plan and then nothing is ever said about it again.

I don't even know what I just watched, it was literally a compilation of specific actors saying phrases to each other.

Would not recommend.

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02 May 2021 10:36:26
Mortal Kombat. I was a fan of the first film during my teenage years. The film itself wasn't good (I realized that many many years after that, of course, when I tried to rewatch it), and so the only hope I have before watching the 2021 film was simply for it to be better than the 1995's. And indeed it is way better than the 1995's.

The acting is really bad. The dialogue is bad. The fight scenes aren't great but better. Good amount of violence. The visuals and effects are great. Nothing much to talk about the story, nothing special (a bit different from the previous Mortal Kombat though). And so I ended up enjoyed it a lot. I had a good time.

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