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08 Jun 2019 00:39:44
Avengers - Endgame

Finally I managed to watch this. The cinema and the screen itself was such a dissappointment. The screen didn't show it fully wide, and so we were watching it with small parts of it (both sides) were cut off.

Overall, it is a good film just like everyone were saying. I really like the tone and mood of it, pretty much like Infinity War; darker and emotional. I think this is one of the main difference between the Russos and Whedon.

I'm not really a fan of Marvel although I do love some of its movies. And so, I'm a bit in a different opinion here after watching the "huge" finale of this Endgame. It's a really good finale for both the Avengers movies as well as for some of the characters. They should stop here and not to make another Avengers. I'm pretty sure they won't stop, with all these talks of Phase 2 and 3 and 4 and so on. Without Iron Man and Cap, the Avengers will never be the same. As for me, it makes it less interesting.

Hollywood are considering lots of "crossovers" between franchises. Maybe they can consider crossing over the MCU with Dragon Ball, so that they can bring back Iron Man.

Again, Endgame should be the end. It can be a really good last final film of the franchise. But, instead they are going to make more. As if like it's a series, only that every "episode" will be aired once a year instead of once a week. Rant over. Good film nonetheless. Two thumbs up.

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01 Jun 2019 20:13:52
So the next Batman has been confirmed and its going to be Robert Pattinson. What do you guys make of it? Batman is my favourite superhero character and the dark knight trilogy my favourite superhero series but I must say I am doubtful whether Robert Pattinson can be a great batman. let's see how he performs.
What do eds and others think of this? Would you have preferred someone else? Also which is your favourite superhero movie/series?

{Ed002's Note - There is only one Batman - Adam West.}

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01 Jun 2019 21:28:54
I didn't know you edited this site too ed2!! Well I meant in movies but ok. Any movie suggestions? Got some free time so thinking of watching a few movies.

{Ed002's Note - There was the Batman movie made with Adam West. The only true Batman.}

01 Jun 2019 21:44:22
Well I only ever liked Christian Bale as Batman but that is more to do with the Nolan series which I think had a really good cast overall. Not seen the Adam West version of Batman movie. I will definitely do so now. Have you watched the dark knight trilogy ed2? If yes do you like it? Also could ask you which is your favourite movie? (Doesn't have to be just 1 can be a few names off the top of your head)

{Ed002's Note - No, all of that new stuff is very far fetched. I like very few films after the late 1960s. My favourite would likely be different tomorrow, but for now Zabriskie Point.}

01 Jun 2019 22:03:02
I think its another bad casting choice. Affleck was a poor choice previously and Pattinson seems to be another.

Re Adam West used to watch them when younger. Its an alright film.

{Ed001's Note - they never get it right, clearly they are just trying to get the middle aged mum market into Batman now.}

02 Jun 2019 08:50:24
Yeah me too doubtful. However, Reeves is a great director, IMO. From his last two films, I am kind of confident that this Batman might turn up to be good as well. The Dark Knight trilogy is the benchmark though.

Justice League ruined the Batman, and even other DC characters as well.

02 Jun 2019 11:19:22
I'm suprised they didn't try and get someone like armie hammer, but Pattinson has done some gokd indie stuff in the past years since twilight. And as far as casting goes there's always a controversy or complaining when anyone is cast in certain roles but quite often they turn out to be latest fine and sometimes great. As far as on screen portrayals of batman for me there have been great movies called with batman name in, but never a great on-screen portrayal do batman/Bruce wayne. The best portrayal was probably in batman begins but I als felt like Ben Affleck did a good job in batman vs superman

03 Jun 2019 18:30:42
You have to watch Adam West batman, it is a thing of beauty 😂!

I’m willing to give him a chance as Batman, but so far bale is the best Imo, the games to a better job with all the characters though.

08 Jun 2019 20:14:46
Always thought Keaton was a good batman. Kilmer an Clooney were awful. Bale was alright as batman but not as Bruce if that makes sense. I'll reserve judgement till I see the new one.

{Ed001's Note - Keaton? Really?}

13 Jun 2019 19:26:24
Fairly recently I watched the Batman movies from 89 to 97, and none of them were any better than Bale in my view. I think Nolan did a great job with the Dark knight trilogy and had a really great cast too.
Now I am going to watch the Adam West batman movie as suggested by the legend himself ed2. Seems it is universally regarded as thra best batman so let's see.

Also ed1 (and ither readers) what is your favourite movie?(off the top of your head will be fine) I plan to spend my holidays watching some movies so let's see.


{Ed001's Note - for me it is either Enter The Dragon or Ong Bak.}

13 Jun 2019 20:42:15
Ed your not going to convince the 9 year old version of me that Keaton wasn't a good batman.

{Ed001's Note - even as a kid it was an abysmal film mate. I have never seen him act well in anything.}

14 Jun 2019 04:22:53
Keaton was on in Spiderman homecoming ed1, imo

{Ed001's Note - he was dreadful in that I thought.}

14 Jun 2019 05:12:31
I meant OK ed1.

{Ed001's Note - ah right. I thought he almost ruined it personally. I just don't find him believable, he is still doing Beetlejuice and it was crap back then.}

14 Jun 2019 18:48:43
Never seen Beetlejuice ed1, but it seems to have good ratings on IMDb and rotten tomatoes.

Also ed1 have you ever considered doing top 10s about movies? Like let's say your top 10 best movies, or top 10 best characters, or even ranking the Batman casting, etccc.

Would be a fun article to read but I do understand there aren't enough hours in a day for you to do all the things you already do with your review, edits, profiles, etc.

Have a great weekend eds

{Ed001's Note - it would be nice to do stuff like that but it is difficult finding the time. I would have to split movies into genres as it would otherwise just be 10 martial arts films as they are my first love. I ended up watching The Raid again last night as it was on just as I was about to switch the TV off and go to sleep. I had forgotten how great a film that is.

I will have a go at trying to do one every so often when I get a few minutes spare, as I can do them off the top of my head, rather than needing to research them, they would not take too long. I know it would mean I would probably forget ones, but at least people can have some fun reminding me of the ones I missed and making me want to tear up the list and start again!}

15 Jun 2019 10:17:21
Ok thanks ed1. Also just like to say it, I would also prefer it if you would do them off the top off your head. Because when you start thinking about them then it would take days to even remember all the ones that fit the criteria.

Even when someone asks me what is your favourite film, I will always come up with 5_10 different names every time.

Also your lists and articles are always a fun read.


{Ed001's Note - cheers mate, I will do that then. More fun to write that way as well.}

21 May 2019 11:10:49
Detective pikachu

Went to see this the other day, the cgi is spotty in places but overall suits the pokemon style really well, if you've ever seen a few detective movies or mystery movies you will probably guess the plot pretty well when watching

However I don't really think that's what this movies about, if you are a pokemon fan i think it's a must see as there something special seeing all the pokemon and the world in general come to life live action.

The dynamic between detective pikachu, the male lead, justice smith playing Tim and the female lead kathryn Newton playing Lucy is really good and fun. It's high energy, fast paced with some real humour and "adult humour" from detective pikachu as to be expected from Ryan reynolds so it's not just a bunch of Farr joked which is nice for the older audience. Lastly there's a good n it of heart to it as well which helps Tue the experience together

Overall just a fun movie probably average for anyone who doesn't know pokemon but very good for the pokemon fans

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17 May 2019 09:26:56

Think it’s time to talk about one of the biggest movies ever, be warned there are spoilers but sure you’ve all seen it by now, right?

I loved this movie and it’s better the second time around.

There are plot holes galore, cough time travel. But I don’t care, this is the culmination of 22 movies, a journey I’ve followed since iron man 2. I joined the part slightly late. And when you are putting so many movies together there will be mishaps, Spider-Man messing up the timeline is testament to that.

But, the characters make this movie professor hulk is brilliant and adds another element to the character, would of been nice to see the transition but they may touch on that in future movies.

Fat Thor has finally meant I have a superhero figure so I appreciate that, I know some complained that it ruined his arc but I think him not going for the head had a huge impact on him.

The others continue their arcs and Ironman shows why this movie universe works, the ending was the only way they could explain him not turning up in future movies and feel it was handled really well.

Cap got the ending he deserved and I also guessed his ending which makes a pleasant change! Yes it messes with the timeline but it still works and I will happily ignore the plot hole.

The battle is insane with some nice touches, like Howard the duck who I managed to miss on both occasions, but letting all the characters have their moment in that was great planning.

My only issue with the film is more characters should of been killed in the battle as the body count is really only black widow and iron man, when Thanos was built up as a super power even without the stones!

How they push forward from here will be interesting but I didn’t think I’d be too bothered, then I saw the trailer for far from home and pretty excited for it so onwards and upwards.

I also think the funeral scene was a clever nod to phase 4, i don’t think the kid was there though as a nod to iron man three, I think we may see more or a potential shield member.

One more thing I was disappointed coulson didn’t show up but I suppose the whole he’s not dead thing may have been too much to get in, although Jarvis from agent carter was a nice touch.

Be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on it.

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17 May 2019 16:45:21
I came back from my 3rd viewing yesterday. It is honestly in my top 5 films of all time. The Russo Brothers and company did such a fantastic job wrapping it up.

There will also be spoilers here for any loco person who hasn't seen this masterpiece yet.

Iron Man's storyline was perfect, I particularly enjoyed his scene with his Father. It was nice for him to get a moment with him and to say goodbye properly. His death was a great way to go out.

Captain America getting back with Peggy was lovely. He finally got his dance with her.

The battle was just imense. A few highlights for me were:

1. Thor getting both Mjolnir and Strombreaker at the start was epic. He meant business.

2. Captain America getting Thor's hammer. Just epic!

3. When Falcon said "On your left" and the gang all showed up. I wanted to jump around the cinema. And when Cap says "Avengers, Asssemble". I could've died.

4. Spiderman and Iron Man's hug. Touching moment. In that moment you could tell Tony felt it was all worth it.

5. Captain Marvel turning up. Done very well. She is a bit of cheat code so they did well to not involve her too much as it would have been too easy!

There were so many more, but I have rambled on enough.

I do agree more could have died. But if you look at who won't be returning (Tony, Cap, Nat, Vision and I doubt we'll see Hawkeye again) it feels enough. It would have They obviously have a big plan for others and it would be too soon to have them die.

I am glad they didn't have Coulson in. I don't watch the shows but I am aware he came back to life. To me, that just seems too far fetched. His death had meaning in the first Avengers film. When does a death feel final?

I also think the potential plot holes could have explanations for each one. I am prepared to take them all on haha! It would have been funny to see Captain America return the Soul stone and see the Red Skull again though.

17 May 2019 12:07:11
I've seen it a few times now and I thinks it's everything on could of wanted from the finale of the infinity saga, as its been coined now, to be honest I count infinity war and endgame as one film almost, much like the Lord of the rings trilogy has always just felt like 1 long movie but due to practicality has to be split into 3

The time jump was a really good move and I think fat Thor was the perfect choice to show o me way of dealing with the consequences and depression of the failure and loss they had all faced, every character dealt with the grief in a different way and it all felt right to me so that good

This will be too long if I go on point by point so i will only say a couple more things, firstly the shot of cap when he has his half broke shield he tightens it walks forward and stands, then it shows the long show of him stood against an army. It was like a painting "a man out of time against the army out of time"

With regards to the time travel and in particular the cap ending I'm not sure it's a plot hole so much as they just don't show the story of his life so we don't know, and it's not too important for me. But there are two theories for it

1. There has always been an old cap out there living his life, who was always married to Peggy and was the father of her kids ect as we are never actually told or see who the husband that was saved by captain america is. I like the theory but I'm not sure i agree with it as i don't think it's fits the way time travel was laid out

2. This is what I think happened, when the character go back in time the instant they are there an new timeline is created of which they live in for as long as they like, in caps case 70 years or more. He always kept the gps which can navigate him back to his own timeline so when he got old and peggy passed away he probably was able to find a Tony stark or someone that can use that GPS to figure out how to send him back. I think this is so because when cap leaves he also doesn't have his shield as its destroyed but returns with a brand new shield so someone must have made that for him as well, perhaps he went to t,challa as well to get a new shield made.

Either way I never really worry too much with time travel, it's more of a plot device in most things and being a fan of doctor who I've learnt to let go of 'worrying' over the timey wimey stuff that movies do as no one really knows how it works. Then when add the whole infinity stones into the mix and how they help structure reality, space time ect it really becomes just an interesting conversation as oppose to a point that ruins the enjoyment, what matters is how they use time travel and in the movie the used very well to revisit events and give cap the ending that felt right and about perfect. If they use it again in future however and they bring characters back or undo events ect then I may be a little frustrated but again we will have to see how they execute it

27 May 2019 10:12:54
I think to really appreciate the time travel thing we need to see the next Spiderman to see the implications. Conveniently seems like his whole class were killed and brought back. But now its 5 years later. That's going to have repercussions.

I'm not a fan of time travel as a plot device. Obviously its handled well in back to the future but endgame then has its say on that.

30 Apr 2019 03:45:01
Rest in peace, Singleton.

Love your Four Brothers and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

{Ed001's Note - I thought I read he was not dead? And those films were not even good, but Boyz N The Hood was excellent.}

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30 Apr 2019 05:57:02
Yeah already confirmed, Ed.

I really enjoyed those two. Especially the 2 Fast 2 Furious.

I haven't watch Boyz N The Hood yet. You guys discussed about this film before. Sound like it is good. But I can't really find it anywhere.

{Ed001's Note - Boyz N The Hood is a classic, you really should see it. Launched his whole career.}

27 Apr 2019 11:22:48
Ed001, I watched endgame and my word it’s incredible.

I won’t spoil it for people who haven’t seen it but if you are a marvel fan it’s worth the wait. If you’re not a marvel fan watch the previous movies then go see this, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

It has thrown up a few questions but I don’t care, and I will be going again so I can pick up on a few more bits. There is plenty of film to go at!

Loved this film 3000! What was your view of the film Ed001?

{Ed001's Note - it was good but so long and it started just as I thought 'I need a pee'. By the end I was in so much pain I was struggling to enjoy it to be honest! 3 hours!!!!! That is a long time to hold it in.}

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27 Apr 2019 11:39:03
Surprised you didn’t pop, I thought it went quite quick but that’s probably because I wasn’t filled to pop. If you get the chance I would recommend going again. I don’t think I’ll ever see something like the ‘infinity saga’ again and so glad I managed to go in spoiler free.

{Ed001's Note - it did go quick, otherwise I would never have made it. If it was like the Bladerunner film, I ended up spending half an hour on the toilet editing the sites as I was so bored by it and I couldn't hold it as every second watching it dragged by. With this the time flew by and made it just about bearable. I would like to see it again.}

29 Apr 2019 16:14:56
Didn't manage to watch since all the tickets were either sold out or just left with seats right in front of the screen. Me and my family had to make do with Shazam. Although we enjoyed it (it's a really good movie though, nice for kids IMO), but we are sure we will enjoy Endgame more.

29 Apr 2019 21:47:05
To be honest I thought it was lng enough. I thought the climactic battle was too short. I wasn't keen on the end but I think on a second viewing I'd like it, it just seemed anti-climatic at the time. Not giving anything away to those who haven't seen it but I thought the whole how they solved it was a but messy and is going to create a load of continuity problems. Just looking on social media and loads of people are confused on it.

30 Apr 2019 10:29:33
Definitely a few issues, but won't say anything, probably be a week or so before we can dissect it on here.

{Ed001's Note - I have to be honest, by that point I was too busy trying not to burst to really take much notice, so I wouldn't want to comment on the end scenes. Though I do remember thinking a lot of it was unnecessary, at best.}

30 Apr 2019 11:03:50
I think there is one thing that can cause continuity problems for sure but how they do what they do is explained reasonably well for what it is but (wow this is hard to talk about without spoiling anything, when are allowed to talk directly about events in the movie?) I'm sure they will further explain as phase four begins, and for me its more about character moments and development overall, and making things feel right for what is this 11 year culmination

30 Apr 2019 12:46:29
I think Far From Home will answer most of the questions. I'd say in a week should be safe to talk about it.

24 Apr 2019 16:22:18
Watched Venom last night, pretty good and quite funny. I'm not big on super hero/villain movies but Venom was fun.


Question though, is Venom good or bad? Because I thought he was bad, but he's kind of good in the movie - with Tom Hardy explaining that he can't eat certain people as they're innocent.

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26 Apr 2019 15:14:04
He started off as villain in the comics, but has switched between villain and anti hero at times, I think the reference point for that is the lethal protector run of venom, he teams up with punisher a few times I think as well in the run



13 Apr 2019 00:44:37
So apparently, the original Doom movie is better than the new one that's coming out. That's something that I thought I'd never hear anyone say.

So disappointing, let's just hope the new game isn't going to be as bad as the new movie.

{Ed001's Note - how bad does a film have to be to be worse than Doom? :-/

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13 Apr 2019 13:19:52
I can imagine very bad Ed. I can think of ways. For starters Nic Cage and Keanu Reeves headlining.

{Ed001's Note - and Vin Diesel too.}

13 Apr 2019 14:15:21
The problem with both movies, is that there is no "Doom Guy" or "Doomslayer" as the daemons call him. It's just a bunch of U.S Marines walking around on Mars getting ganked at every turn.
Seriously. The guy is like a modern day legend, he's arguably the only fictional character who could survive the Warhammer Universe, that's how insanely strong he is. So why don't they include him in the movies?

It would be like making a Half Life movie without having Gordon Freeman in it.

{Ed001's Note - I have no idea, I was never a Doom fan, the game never appealed to me.}

13 Apr 2019 14:26:55
The games are amazing, Doom 3 and the expansion Ressurection of Evil is the worst of the lot imo, but it's still a good horror game.
Maybe this will help you Ed.

{Ed001's Note - just not my kind of game mate, I have played them all a lot and never enjoyed them. Just do not appeal to me at all.}

15 Apr 2019 01:27:52
From what I know, Doom 2 is actually a direct-to-video film. Well, DTV films are made to be crap. Though the first one was actually crap as well.

15 Apr 2019 15:06:58
That's a real shame, there is so much potential with Doom for an epic movie, but like most game to movie idea's, they usually end up being a shell of what they should be.

21 Apr 2019 14:27:27
I think its a case of its one of those games that's actually unfilmable. As you say the films a just a bunch of grunts walking around getting picked off. The games mostly from the players point of view and its just shoot whatever moves. It doesn't make for a good movie as there's little plot for most of it its just survival. Half life on the other hand would work as a movie as it addresses precisely those issues.

21 Apr 2019 14:39:36
I though Ed1 was a vin diesel fan.

{Ed001's Note - he has never lived up to his golden moment - The Pacifier.}

21 Apr 2019 16:07:14
I enjoy his films, they're usually entertaining. He's never going to trouble the decision makers for the big awards, but then most of the decisions the last few years have been a farce anyway.

24 Apr 2019 16:20:26
I agree Mort1, Half Life could be an excellent movie series if they worked with Valve. The only issue I could see arising from the movie is the silent protagonist(Gordon Freeman). Although there is one actor in particular that would be perfect for the role(Bryan Cranston), the fact that he's a mute in the games makes it very difficult.

You could do it from a resistence perspective, but I'd imagine it would be very much like the TV show Colony which got cancelled after 3 seasons. Shame as it was actually quite fun to watch.

26 Apr 2019 12:23:58
I'm sure they could make dialogue for Gordon even if its mostly reactions to events/ people.

Cranston is a good call.

11 Mar 2019 19:53:25
Went to see captain marvel on the weekend and I wasn't disappointed. If you haven't seen it I won't put any spoilers but Marvel have created a film that has a different take on the origin film.
I found her character brilliant, and was great to see a female lead not require a love interest. There were elements of humour and had a great 90s feel to the film.
I know they were behind DC for a female led movie but I feel the wait was worth it. Unlike wonder woman the movie didn't drag and didn't need a sacrifice from the man at the end.
They have left plenty of scope for character development and the other characters were fantastic. Fury deserves a mention and the de-aging tech is great, if you didn't know who Samuel Jackson was I don't think you would of guessed that shenanigans were in play.
I honestly don't get the bad wrap this movie has gotten, is it their best? Probably not but it has plenty of competition. I would put this in the category of I'd happily watch again.
But some comments just don't make sense, I saw one critic complain that we need more mediocre female led movies, another say it didn't make sense that fury didn't fancy captain marvel. And others complain that it doesn't explain many questions, if they did why would you go watch the next one? Problem is majority of critics aren't marvel fans so simply just don't understand them.special mention to the cameo for Stan Lee hits you in the feels.

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22 Mar 2019 17:16:17
Just back from seeing an totally agree. It was better than expected. The Stan Lee tribute as you say hits home.

I find some of the criticism's just there for the sake of trying to criticise. Fury's a professional an got a job to do, why would he be hitting on her. You never seen him act that way in any other film so in this one it would just detract from the character.

Will be interesting to see how big of a role she has in endgame and how that's resolved.

24 Mar 2019 07:54:41
Surely a massive role in endgame, I’m pretty sure Feige said that she was going to be a big character moving forward.

Also I ended up seeing it again and I am adamant that Talos’ daughter is Nebula!

24 Mar 2019 22:07:08
Hopefully not too big a role. She's a new character and if she's the sole reason they win its a bit of a slap to the others.

02 Mar 2019 11:29:02
Alita Battle Angel:

Gorgeous effects especially Alita. Action-packed. Some really good fight and action scenes. A bit messy in terms of its story or writing/scripts, but I don't mind that. The rest of it make up for a really entertaining ride for me. I really want to say it again; Alita with her big eyes looks way better than in the trailers. The effects or animations are actually gorgeous to look at.

Not sure if it stays true to its original material. I don't think it matters much for me (or to others), because it is really fun. Highly recommended.

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